Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ricky Romero Late Spring Emergence

Due to injuries,suckage by other pitchers in spring training, Ricky Romero went from a 1-100000 shot at the beginning of spring to a 1-3 shot with a few days left for him to impress the Jays.

In all reality, from what we've seen from Ricky last few years in the minors, he will be nothing more then a 4th starter at best. But he has progressed alot in the last two years in the minors. About half way last year he suddenly clicked in AA New Hampshire, and did well in the last few weeks of the minor league season in Syracuse. He still has a big tag on his forehead since the Jays picked him 6th overall in 2005, hoping he would fast track through the minors in a year or two coming to Toronto.

He will get another start this weekend likely to impress the Jays. Also, if Scott Richmond sucks again like his last outing, he might be given the 5th spot pretty much by default.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Brett Cecil was sent to Las Vegas to Work On

I saw a picture from the first few days of spring training, and I saw the odd pitching motion of Brett.

You can see in this picture hes throwing his breaking ball(curve probably, but maybe slider, lol knuckle slider), and its pretty obvious. Most good hitters in the majors would pick up on this pitching motion and be aware of what pitch is coming.

My two cents is that Brett is Vegas to work on this motion and make it less revealing. Some point in May or June he should get a call up to the Jays.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Move Brad Emaus to SS?

One player that has seem to impress the Jays so far this spring, is a 22 year 2b name Brad Emaus. He put up some decent numbers last year in Dunedin and is most likely due to spend the year at New Hampshire.

Since the Jays worst position seems to be SS, I say we give Brad some repetition's at SS in NH to get him adjusted to that position. I asked Brad on facebook if he has played SS at all in college/minors, and he said no, that he has only played 2b/3b in the past few years.

This type of move could actually work, since Justin Jackson projects to be ready in 2-3 years, with average bat at best, with above average defense. I don't know too much about Brad's defense, but I'd think he has an above average bat for middle infielder.

If Brad defense is average or better, he could slip into the Jays SS some point mid this season due to our gaping hole in this spot.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Welcome everyone to a new blog dedicated to the Toronto Blue Jays Minor System. I have been interested in the Jays minor system over the past few years, and decided to help fans learn more while keeping in touch with the Jays system.

Looking forward to the upcoming season!