Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ricky Romero Late Spring Emergence

Due to injuries,suckage by other pitchers in spring training, Ricky Romero went from a 1-100000 shot at the beginning of spring to a 1-3 shot with a few days left for him to impress the Jays.

In all reality, from what we've seen from Ricky last few years in the minors, he will be nothing more then a 4th starter at best. But he has progressed alot in the last two years in the minors. About half way last year he suddenly clicked in AA New Hampshire, and did well in the last few weeks of the minor league season in Syracuse. He still has a big tag on his forehead since the Jays picked him 6th overall in 2005, hoping he would fast track through the minors in a year or two coming to Toronto.

He will get another start this weekend likely to impress the Jays. Also, if Scott Richmond sucks again like his last outing, he might be given the 5th spot pretty much by default.

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  1. We need Marcum back or at least clone Halladay.